White Hill companies have been active in the Czech property market since 2002. In the spring of 2005, we successfully finished the residential project Bělohorské zahrady, and in the spring of 2008 we completed the project Zličínské zahrady. In developing our residential projects we emphasize the quality of construction works in the apartments and common areas in order to ensure the satisfaction and comfort for all future residents. The fact that in the phase of granting the occupancy permit 95 % of the apartments available were sold proves that we are successful in keeping our principles. We are open to new opportunities, so if you want to offer us land suitable for a new project or a real estate for revitalization please contact us.

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WHITE HILL | Bělohorské zahrady, budova Azalka | Čistovická 1700/62 | 163 00 Praha 17 Řepy